Turns your browser into a menu from which you can easily start your favorite websites. Add websites to the menu with drag and drop and arrange them as you like. Create a crypted hotkey for easy login, just click the hotkey and you're in. Enjoy.

See the "Quick Start"

JolC is free to use and requires no downloads.

Hit "Login" and "New Account". Create an account and login. In the navigation bar click on the button with the first characters of your account and click "Create Login Hotkey". Then highlight the URL in the browser and drag it to the desktop. The hotkey is ready for use the next time. Click on the button "Return to list " or on the text "JolC Menu". For adding an item click on the "+" button. Open a new tab or browser and go to a website. Highlight the URL and drag it to the input field "Internet address (URL)" or copy and paste it. Then press "Submit". An item is made. Repeat this as many times as you whish. You can adjust the ranking by dragging and dropping items. The last ranking is saved.

For more options see "Features"

Manage Account
You can change your password here or completely delete your account including your items. When you choose to delete the items all items are deleted but your account is still active.

Create Login Hotkey
An crypted address for signing in is shown in the URL. Highlight the URL and drag it to the desktop or other desired location for creating a hotkey.

Toggle Items/Descrition
Shows the item with favicon and description or the description and the URL in a table format.

Shows this content.

Speaks for it self.

JolC Menu
A link to the home page (upper left side of the screen).

+ button
For adding items. Items are allways added at the bottom of the list.

? button
Search items by giving in a part of a description.

M button
You can change the description or delete this item.


Email 50
Password 20
Description 40
URL 255

JolC is free and easy application working in your standard browser, available for everybody. JolC helps you like bookmarks in a web browser but presents the items in a more orderly and simpler manner and easier to organize. To personalize your JolC items a proper login is necessary but automatic login is being provided by means of a crypted hotkey which can be generated. Once created you do not have to fill in your credentials anymore. Just click on the hotkey and you're in.